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    Hey guys I installed Categories off Cydia and for some reason it is no where to be found on my phone! I recheck Cydia and it shows it's installed and even SSHed my phone and saw the folder in my library but it is no where to be seen anywhere on my phone!

    Someone told me somewhere else to go to SbSettings and make sure its not hidden but since im jailbroken on 3.0 the "More" button on SbSettings causes a crash which I've heard is common for 3.0

    So I deleted SbSettings from my phone and still categories is not showing up. Anyone have any idea how to perhaps fix this? Thanks!

    any ideas?
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    2009-07-07 09:48 AM
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    I have both Categories and SBSettings on my iPhone withno issues. I recommend re-installing SBSettings as it is a must have app in my opinion. Try rebooting your iPhone and Categories should show up. If not, uninstall via Cydia and reinstall and reboot.
    2009-07-07 02:01 PM