1. mr_inky's Avatar
    I feel this needs mentioning, but like most things I will not mention any names fear of repocussion.

    I have had an iphone since released and have supported the Dev-team throughout. Even back to the DVD Jon itunes activation.

    But have to report that a company here in the UK (nameless) is using / used Pwnage and other ulitilities re-badged to their name for commercial use.

    Now I know the Pwnage software has a copywrite "not for commercial use dissclaimer" on it, but to me, it all seems wrong.

    I know that in our community we are trying to remain free and not locked to Apple.

    I don't think this is out of context at all.

    I also have no idea whether this company is using the software "under license".

    All I know alot of people work hard to keep us "Jailbroken iphone users" Free, and it just seems wrong.

    Rant over.
    2009-07-07 04:26 PM