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    Swipe album art
    Swipe right at album art section in the now playing screen to go back to your playlist.

    Time limit the use iPhone thru stopwatch

    You can use the Timer in the clock app to set the amount of time the iPhone or iPod Touch can be used before it locks itself. Simply choose “Sleep iPod” under “When Timer Ends” and choose the time. When the time is reached, the device will go into lock. This is ideal for parents on limiting a child’s use of an iPhone or iPod Touch, or if you want to let your friends play around with your device, but only for one minute you set it to 1 minute and turn on the lock passcode.

    Recording works in background

    Just so you know, if your recording something using the voice memos app, you can exit the app while recording and it will still continue to record, in case you gotta send a text or email when you’re recording a lecture or a meeting.

    Notes: asks to confirm delete in note but not outside
    In the notes app, when you want to delete a note while in the note itself a confirmation will pop up asking if you want to delete or cancel, but if your in the general notes app and swipe to delete a note you will not get a confirmation so be careful.

    Landscape contacts
    For those of you who didn’t know, the contacts app is also in landscape allowing you to create contacts in landscape mode and paste numbers. When you paste a number, the data detectors automatically detect the number as a phone number.

    Unlimited photo email
    You can send as many pictures as you like in one email, as long as your willing to wait while it copies and pastes.

    There is more and a video here:
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