1. protocol's Avatar
    For Patching AppSupport Caller ID, I have copied AppSupport file from my computer to "/System/Library/Frameworks/AppSupport.framework/ " by SSH. After restart, my iphone stuck on endless boot !!!
    I guess Appsupport file has not copied corectly. Now i can't do anything to restore or recover or access my files ...
    1- my iphone dosen't go to recovery mode (yellow triangle) ! it only can go to DFU mode( by holding home bottom when releasing power bottom: itunes icon + power cord icon )
    2- when i try to restore it always (even by using iBrickr or ziphone command techniques .. ) show this message : "iPhone" could not be restored. an unknown error occurred(1)

    Please help me to solve this problem and boot my iphone !!!
    I appreciate any help ...

    2008-03-14 09:50 AM
  2. bmasti's Avatar
    lol u and me on same boat but i just leave that boat one stand before you :P

    you need to put ur phone in DFU mod and then restore from itune to 1.1.4
    and use ziphone click on Do it all it only take 7 mints

    have a nice day
    2008-03-14 10:00 AM
  3. protocol's Avatar
    Thanks, that work !
    it's interesting that in this case Iphone can't restore to any firmware except 1.1.4 !!

    Cheers ...
    2008-03-15 02:25 PM
  4. kamashta16's Avatar
    hi i have the same problem...can you please tell me what itunes version you used??? it's not working for me ( OTB 1.1.3)

    2008-04-11 03:30 AM
  5. zerokewl07's Avatar
    ok.. i had the same problem but i managed to get out of it without using restore from itunes. Connect your iphone to computer using winSCP. Then following that just extract the new folder out.. reboot and yu're good to go.. worked wonders for me.. happened like 3 times in the last half hour cause of the appsupport patch..

    oh.. by the way.. this way you won't have to upgrade to 1.1.4 if you don't want to...
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    2008-04-11 07:13 AM
  6. kamashta16's Avatar
    How did you find your iPhone''s ip add? cause my is stuck with the apple sign, and i dont know other ways to find it...

    Thank you so much for your help
    2008-04-11 04:19 PM