1. Crotia's Avatar
    Hi, when I updated to 3.0 I had a numerical percentage next to my battery level indicator. But when I had to restore, this was no longer there. Anyone know how to reenable both the graphical and numerical battery indicators side by side?

    2009-07-09 05:23 PM
  2. TsukiakariUsagi's Avatar
    Go back into Settings and turn it back on...
    Settings >> Springboard >> Numeric Battery
    2009-07-09 05:39 PM
  3. Numberzz's Avatar
    Or, if you don't have a "Springboard" option, go to Settings -> General -> Usage and turn on "Battery Percentage."
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    2009-07-09 05:52 PM
  4. Crotia's Avatar
    I dont have a battery percentage option under usage and don't have a springboard option :S

    This is a 3G and not 3GS if that helps.
    2009-07-09 06:11 PM
  5. screamforme02's Avatar
    install bossprefs or that slimed down bossprefs that you swip at the top of the screen and its under options
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    2009-07-09 06:19 PM
  6. Crotia's Avatar
    Its sbsettings and it is indeed there thanks
    2009-07-09 07:19 PM