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    Ok, first, let me describe my problem. My computer crashed yesterday, and so I had to do a complete system restore. I lost everything in the process. Now I am having to rebuild my iTunes library back to how it was, the best I can.

    Additional Info: I have a complete backup of my iTunes from about a week earlier. My main problem with that is that I added a lot of new music that didn't get backed up with it; although everything, including the new music, is on my iPod Touch 1st gen 3.0. It is jailbroken. I SSH'd my music off it and made a new iTunes library with my complete music collection, and got my playlists from my old iTunes backup files. But what I am really trying to figure out is if there is any way to get my playcounts, ratings, and date added from my old iTunes backup or my iPod via SSH or whatever. To be honest, I reall don't care too much about the ratings, but if I could get my playcounts and date added I would REALLY appreciate it!! Thanks in advance.

    Btw, I am on Windows Vista 64bit.
    2009-07-12 06:22 PM

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