1. The Maestro's Avatar
    Been using it for a while and testing it, here are a couple things i noticed that you may not know.

    -the speaker is 4-7 db. louder than the iPhone 3G
    -i dont know for sure but im positive the louder speaker is a software adjustment in the firmware similar to the volume boosts we have been using from cydia
    -there is a high freq. noise when you lock the phone (bug)
    -when you record a video if you turn down the volume you will eliminate any "white noise" or "hissing" (bug) (hopefully apple will fix this and the lock bug in the next fw)
    -the video is capable of 720p but locked to vga (battery preservation most likely)
    -the cpu clocks over 600 mhz, i got readings over 700 mhz idk why apple would say that, or did they say that? idk who did
    -the battery is about 5-10% better, even as you probably didnt notice such a small percentage my guess is the upgrade in cpu and ram balances it out

    This is all i noticed not sure if these details were posted yet, feel free to add to this list.
    IPhone 3GS Black 16GB 3.0
    Mac Mini Intel OSX 10.5.7

    Help!!! My right speaker isn't working!
    2009-07-17 12:51 AM
  2. flurffmeister's Avatar
    I have heard some reports that the CPU stays at about 500-600 during normal/light use, then cranks itself up to almost 900 when in demand (games, video compressing)

    I am not exactly certain this is a 3GS-only issue, but I never experienced it with my original iPhone or my old second-gen iPod touch: it may be very sensitive to dirty power, to a point where the touchscreen will behave erratically - jittering around and touching somewhere way off from where your finger was at.
    2009-07-17 08:59 AM