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    this is something i copied from ipod touch fans the original link which has pictures as well is: http://www.ipodtouchfans.com/forums/...d.php?p=381396


    I'll upload a video tutorial tommorow as tonight is a bit late.

    Ever had the crisis where you downloaded a file from the internet like an application and you uploaded it to your iPod Touch/iPhone via Total Commander with T-Pot Mod, but when launched it froze to one page screen then kicked you back to springboard?! Thats right, you FORGOT to set permissions! But wait, we can't SSH; we have NO WIFI! We can't SFTP; we have NO WIFI! But wait can't we just use Squid.app from Installer, but wait again.. we have NO WIFI! Total Commander with T-Pot doesn't set permissions too... but wait, it's a bird, its a plan.. no its iPhonePCSUITE! The newest and most sleekest iPhone/iPod Touch utility centre for your Apple touch screen device which is able to set permissions offline!

    iPhonePCSuite is a PC Windows platform for both XP and Vista. Sorry Mac users, no compatibility yet. iPhonePCSuite can do a variety of things.
    They include:
    -backing up iPod files
    -previewing Summerboard themes
    -ability to reboot or respring your iPod in a click
    -upload Photos directly into your iPod
    -edit, Add or Delete Contacts
    -upload or delete media files
    -convert text files into eBook readable format for Books Application
    -finder (file manager)
    -able to download files directly from the internet to your iPod
    -edit notes in the Notes.app
    -edit bookmarks in Safari

    Download is available at these sources:
    (Links taken from Winterboard's Introduction to iPhonePCSuite, I'll add more after awhile or if links are dead)

    I take no creation or thanks for this utility centre, I did not make a piece of it; only this tutorial! iPhonePCSuite was made by NetDragon WebSoft Inc. all rights are reserved to them and no copyright allowed!

    Back to our permission crisis. Let's say I uploaded Wikipedia.app I downloaded from a site to my iPod via Total Commander. But I get a frozen screen once I open the application and kicks back into Springboard. What do I do? For first, I'll need to download iPhonePCSuite created by NetDragon WebSoft Inc from one of the links given above. Then I'll need to extract it to some directory that I know the directions to, preferably my desktop!

    Once I extract it, I'll find a new folder now named "iPhonePCSuite" and click on it. I'll find the .exe file or the file with the picture of a iPhone on it named iPhonePCSuite and click on it.

    It will launch an amazingly beautiful GUI (Graphic User Interface) which resembles an iPhone/iPod Touch. Connect your iPod Touch/iPhone into your computer via the Apple given USB cable and set it up with iPhonePCSuite.

    I'll need to install daemon tools or something on your iPod before it can read onto iPhonePCSuite. I don't know what daemon tools does, all I know is that it will allowed it to work with iPhonePCSuite, so just do what it says and you'll be fine (with restarting twice etc). Once connected, to enter the File Manager mode (which we'll need to set permissions), click on the bottom right icon of the iPod Touch/iPhone computer GUI named Finder.
    2008-03-15 01:12 AM
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    i have a question i tried to make tha iphone pc suite work, it says install deamon. makes me restart my phone two times and in the end it says failed to install deamon try again!... i also installed ZiPhone iBricker Fix onto my iphone it still doesnt work! can anyone please help me?
    2008-06-16 11:59 PM