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    Try this one on for size: purplera1n'd my 3GS as soon as the tool came out for os x. It's been about 2 days since I've used my camera, and just now, after the shutter opens, it's nothing but a black screen. No, theres nothing covering it, and yes, there is light where I am.

    Anyone know of anything on cydia that may have caused this? I've rebooted/restarted my phone and still have the problem.

    2 unrelated things: 1 : I wish cydia would allow you to sort by
    most recently installed so you could scroll back through installed packages and see what may have caused a problem, and 2 : I turn Icy on through settings and it doesn't appear, even after reboot. What am I missing?

    [EDIT] You know what, I rebooted a few more times and it's working again. Sorry about the random topic.
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