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    I've tried searching for this but everything I find involves using a wireless adapter in your computer and setting up an adhoc thing and blah blah blah. That's not what I want. I want to be able to get internet from my computer to my phone just through the USB cable. I know some people will just say "it's not possible" but people were saying turning your phone into a wifi router wasn't possible until MyWi came out. Has anyone really tried to make a reverse tethering app or option or anything?
    2009-07-22 01:10 AM
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    I don't know what you want is possible but wouldn't it be easier just to get a wifi router? With what you're suggesting you'd be tied to you pc, but with wifi you could wander about.
    2009-07-22 02:10 AM
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    It's mainly for getting faster speeds while I'm at work. Since we're inside a building, the 3G signal is constantly weak. Everything is ridiculously slow. No wifi routers at work and we can't just get one.
    2009-07-22 02:22 AM
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    I dont know of anyway to tether over the USB lead and dont know if its possible but sharing your ethernet connection to your iPhone is not hard

    Also, what can you do on your iPhone that you can't do on your computer internet/data connection wise? Out of interest.
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    2009-07-22 02:47 AM
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    Reverse Tethering iPhone 3G/3Gs using USB

    Step 1: Set up internet tethering on your iPhone.

    Step 2: Plug you iPhone into your PC using the provided USB cable.

    Step 3: Go to Settings>General>Network>Internet Tethering and switch it to "On." Then it will prompt you for bluetooth or USB, select USB

    Step 4: Go to network connections and you should see your LAN connection and a new connection that says "Apple Mobile Device Ethernet." Simply highlight both connections, right click on one and select "Bridge."

    You will now be using your PC's internet connection on your iPhone! It works for Cydia App store, Facebook, Safari, ect ect.

    Note: After terminating the connection you must delete the bridge and make a new one when you re-connect.
    2010-04-23 11:28 PM
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    never mind.
    2010-04-24 12:02 AM