1. Ti-Cip's Avatar
    i have noticed this bug for the last 2 weeks or so..
    when making a call on my 3g2 iphone, sometimes my email gets "pushed" to the phone.. i know all my settings for push and fetch are set to either off or manual..even in the advanced tab are my 2 email accts set to manual.. however,, this glitch still occurs..it is a "phantom" push of my 2 email (pop) accts to my iphone..
    i have been troubleshooting diligently the last week, which include: numerous restores, re-JB at least 3 times..and now i am trying to determine if it's the 3.0 software vs. JB by restoring and then keep the phone "oem" and see if it still does this.
    but any input from any of you who might be experiencing this is greatly appreciated..
    it is driving me nuts!!!
    2009-07-23 03:10 AM