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    I have an iPod touh 2g os 3.0 jailbroken with redsn0w, not an iPhone but I couldn't find a foum for general iPod touch. So anyway, normally after cleaning with memtool, no apps running I have around 44mb free memory. But I noticed sometimes it goes up to 52-59mb sometimes, and I realised t happens if I turn on mail and safari and iPod music so I only have like 9 mb, right, because all those processes are running. So then I go to clean, and I notice that the springboard is ony taking up 18 mb instead the usual 28ish mb. So I clean and once it cleans it shuts down those apps obviously, but I get 52-59m because the springboard keeps only takin up 18 mb. But then later it goes back to normal when I start usng stuff. Anyone know why?
    2009-07-24 08:00 PM