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    Apparently AVG released an virus file update that is detecting a false positive for a "Trojan horse Small.BOG". Just thought I would let you guys know. I was watching tv and came back and was shocked to see (what I thought at that moment) a huge trojan infection. Below is a link to the apple forums where they are discussing this:

    Apple - Support - Discussions - iTunes trojan: Small.BOG!! ...

    Here is a SS of what AVG picks up:

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    2009-07-25 04:09 AM
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    Nothing to worry about since it's just a False Positive. Here's the steps to add the iTunes folder to the exceptions list to fix.

    Small.BOG 101: How to remove the iTunes trojan horse virus from being detected by AVG anti-virus
    2009-07-25 06:56 PM
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    MacNN | Weekend AVG update accidentally targets iTunes
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