1. markleeds's Avatar
    Hi Guys,
    Hope someone can help, jailbroke iphone 3GS 3.0 a little while ago downloaded the safari download plugin, downloaded a couple of files and everything was fine, problem is that for some reason, when i try to download a file all that happens is that a new page opens, and lots of 'code' appears on the page, then when the page is almost loaded it shuts down the safari browser!

    I have tried reinstalling the plugin but still nothing, any ideas. I read somewhere that something needs to be set to 777 but cant remember what or how to do it. I have SSH WinScp but not sure what i should be checking.

    2009-07-28 05:13 PM
  2. battlecrushr's Avatar
    that happened to me b4
    u juts hav to restore
    2009-07-28 11:37 PM
  3. markleeds's Avatar
    Ha what a dummy, fixed it, didn't have plugin turned on in settings now works.
    2009-07-29 09:48 AM