1. Zephure's Avatar
    Alright so I'll make this as short as possible.

    1) My i-tunes is updated to 8.2.1 and i remember reading that 8.2 was bad for jailbreaking iphones. I have not jailbroken my iphone yet because I'm not sure if i should go down a version or what?

    2) Once i do jailbreak, if my phone gets bricked, do i only have to restore than it will be fine again? Also what is restore in dfu mode? i hear that word tossed around when people talk about restoring.

    3) Also does it matter that im jailbreaking a 3GS? I plan on using purplera1n RC2 for windows.

    Thanks everyone
    2009-07-29 11:21 PM
  2. boxxa's Avatar
    1) I jailbroke my iPhone 3G with 8.2.1 just fine. I think its fine with the latest updates of redsn0w and purplera1n as far as I know.

    2) You can put your iPhone in DFU mode which is the black screen and before any OS is booted in the phone which allows you to recover the phone 99% of the time. Recovery mode is when you see the USB cable and need to connect the phone to iTunes and restore it before you can use it. DFU is what you want 99% of the time to fix problems and to jailbreak.

    3) No. The tools are pretty straight forward to jailbreak.
    2009-07-29 11:49 PM
  3. Zephure's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply, i really appreciate it.

    Looks like I'm gonna jb my iphone today can't wait to start putting on some great apps.

    Also, do you know if winterboard works with 3gs purplara1n? i remember reading that it wasnt working but that might have just been with rc1 not rc2.
    2009-07-30 12:25 AM
  4. carlbgc's Avatar
    It was a problem with winterboard, which has been updated. Everything now works fine! Although I personally stay away from winterboard because of the slowdown!

    Welcome to the world of jailbreaking.

    Glad to have another who can type properly
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    2009-07-30 01:27 AM
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