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    Ok. In todays story we have two iphones, Iphones one and two of course. Mine and my girls. Well here is the issue. I have had my iphone for a long while, and it has brought me great joy. Of course, she wanted one. lol. So I get her one that had a broken lcd and glass + digitizer and repaired it. Well on hers ( Iphone two ) she can make calls and send texts. However texts that are sent to her are extremely delayed, if they make it at all. calls hardly ever come in. Now keep in mind her sim came out of a blackberry. So I then switched the sim cards in iphones one and two, and what do you know, Both phones are fully working and functional. NO problems whatsoever. switch them back and here come her problems again. I have racked my brain on this one, I am pretty knowledgeable with Iphones, I quit my job making enough money where i live repairing and jailbreaking them. But this one has me stumped.

    Iphone one (mine) (sim 1) / Iphone two (hers) (sim 2)

    Iphone one (mine) (sim 2) / Iphone two (hers) (sim 1)

    what in the world am i missing here? my carrier settings in iphone one do say AT&T version 5.0. Thats because i used unlockit to change my apn settings though. also i should mention neither of us have data activated on our phones. so we only use wifi.

    someone please help me. I would appreciate it so. IF I CAN HAVE AN ANSWER IT WILL BE FOUND IN MODMYI! Thanks in advance guys.
    2009-08-02 10:21 AM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Strange one. Perhaps the sim is bad? But you say when you swap hers to yours it's fine. WOW
    2009-08-02 10:26 AM