1. Mes's Avatar
    I have an opportunity to purchase a new Apple factory unlocked 3G in Belgium. Contract free, carrier free -- but expensive.

    With all the jb'ing, *.sn0w utilities, and the great Dev-Team work, ... are there any REAL advantages having a carrier-free 3G?

    Sure I can update FW quickly and continue to use T-Mobile (or whatever I want), but I must still wait for jb'ing to get Cydia apps. Aside from quick updates, I can't see other advantages.

    Am I missing something?
    2009-08-03 04:30 PM
  2. eatjello's Avatar
    unlocked phones are extremely expensive.. and in my honest opinion.. it's not worth it.

    let's say you bought a regular one for 350, you have version 3.0, and 3.1 comes out, all you need to do is wait a few days for dev team to release the unlock. After version 3.0 there won't be any HUGE updates for a while. Therefore there is no real rush to go and update. I still havent updated to 3.01 and i'm on ATT.. pointless to re jailbreak for that.

    Also, if something goes wrong with the phone and it needs replacing.. I don't think you could. I'm not sure how warranty's work with unlocked ones. Even if they replaced it, you can't get another unlocked one from apple. It'll probably be ATT.

    I've gone through maybe 5 3G phones, still on my first 3GS though. *fingers crossed*

    Hope this helps
    2009-08-03 04:50 PM