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  1. garagasnero's Avatar

    I have an issue with my iPhone 3g

    Yesterday, I couldnīt charge the battery, the battery icon said that the battery was full charged , but it wasnīt.

    I restored the phone:
    OS 3.0, jailbraked and unlocked (ultrasn0w) the phone from scratch I charged the battery and everything was fine again.

    Then, I installed a few apps, and AGAIN the same problem.

    Is like if some app runs on background wasting my battery life

    (3G, WIFI, all data setting are switch OFF)

    Is that possible? Is it possible to check if some apps is causing the issue?

    2009-08-07 01:24 AM
  2. dvn821's Avatar
    This happen to me before on my old iPhone. It was the charger, you have to let it charge with the screen off.
    If I helped thank me!
    2009-08-07 01:25 AM
  3. garagasnero's Avatar

    thanks for the reply!

    I tried with 3 chargers and just with the cable plugged to the computer..

    same story... (
    2009-08-07 01:32 AM
  4. dvn821's Avatar
    Did you let it charge with the screen black?
    If I helped thank me!
    2009-08-07 01:33 AM
  5. garagasnero's Avatar
    do u mean switched off, or just with the black screeen.

    It was charging for like 5 hours this morning, and it charged like 35% battery wonīt last more than 2 hours!

    Itīs so strange because after I restored it yesterday I was using WIFI and games for a few hours with a full charge! Seems that I got this issue after i install an app...
    2009-08-07 01:37 AM
  6. dvn821's Avatar
    I mean black screen. So when you installed no apps it was perfect?
    If I helped thank me!
    2009-08-07 01:38 AM
  7. garagasnero's Avatar
    I'm charging it with black screen, but the battery icon shows the plug icon inside as if it was fully charge! I should see the lightning inside the battery icon, right?

    Yeah, before installing the apps it was fine... I have nothing weird, just few social networks apps, skype and things like that..

    thanks again for the replies.

    I deleted all the apps installed yesterday..

    seems that itīs charging again

    I still belive that one app is the main cause of it...
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    2009-08-07 02:01 AM