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    OK im not sure it this is the right place so if not please move it...

    I just now upraded my pc to WINDOWS 7 PRO bu to do so i had to whipe out everything and do a clean install. I have everything back up and running i have all my music and my contacts etc outlook files etc etc but i dont have my apps anymore??? is there anyway to fix this i have allot of apps and i dont want to loose them especially the paid ones. but i did merge and no apps still... any help would be appreciated!!

    I have no problem with ssh etc so if i need to do that and get them out of the phone then thats easy but not sure if that works like i think it might lol


    ok well i just went through and downloaded the apps i had again which was easy just time consuming so anyways since no one responded lol figured i would say case closed
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    2009-08-10 09:01 PM
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    Hah glad you fixed your problem
    2009-08-10 09:28 PM