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    Alright so basically my whole plan was to keep this 3GS in mint condition so it'll have a higher sell value when it comes time to sell it for the next iPhone - Rebel Scholar screwed this up. I bought their red matte finish case with the rubber rails, I pulled my phone off about an hour ago and what happens? Two vertical scratches are marked down the back of my phone. I look in the case and their mold marks are a hair higher than the rubber rails, resulting in scratching the **** out of my phone. Main question though, has anyone used any scratch remover substance for a scratch on the back of their phone? I'd just like to know if it would be safe to use something to remove the scratch any without removing the gloss finish to it - so it still looks natural.
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    2009-08-22 01:42 AM
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    i would change the title to get more response to your question... haha

    but to answer your question... it will help but it wont fix it 100%. if u look closely u will still see the scratches. If you absolutely cannot live with a scratched iphone dont use it... or try to find some excuse to have apple replace your iphone, buy a shield (invisible shield or Best skins ever), and use your rebel case... thats the ultimate protection right there.
    2009-08-22 09:37 AM
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    And it's probably not possible to get Apple to just replace the back shell of my phone huh?
    2009-08-22 10:51 PM