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    ok so im on 3.0 on my iPhone 3G and since pretty much today, whenever im on the the iphone anywhere and i get a txt message it will pop up twice (as if i got the same message twice) but when i go to my SMS app to check my messages it shows me i only received it once.

    so yea my problem is that the SMS preview screen pops it twice in a row like
    *BLOOP* *BLOOP* instead of just *BLOOP* i hope that makes sense and someone can help me solve this, thanks


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    2009-08-28 07:40 PM
  2. Jstud8's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem. Mine started after I installed the "SMS Black" theme from Cydia.

    The text message previews showed up as "unknown" so I removed it and now I get the double sound because it seems like it has the regular preview from the person but then it has the preview "text from unknown" command popping up as well.

    I'm guessing a bug on the SMS Black theme, and a poor uninstall on my part (how b/c I removed using cydia?) but I guess it's also my fault for installing something that had no feedback or anything else.
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    2009-08-28 07:45 PM
  3. juice03's Avatar
    Im having the same problem too, it started happening to me last night.I didn't install anything yesterday so I don't think its your SMS theme. I hope someone can figure this out soon its been driving me crazy all day! Im on T-mobile network with a 3G OS 3.0
    2009-08-28 09:25 PM
  4. vill304's Avatar
    mine started today after i did some stupid cydia update
    2009-08-28 09:49 PM
  5. 360boi's Avatar
    well at least im not the only one. all of us are on tmobile yes? u think its a network problem?
    2009-08-28 10:02 PM
  6. vill304's Avatar
    naw i have cingular / att im about to just say **** it, i love my jailbroke phone but this is the second time something has happened i couldnt fix, last time it just crashed and when i found out its jsut something that happens to them sometimes when there jailbroke, so im bout to just say **** it and get the 3,1 update, then maybe jailbreak, cuz this double text **** is driving me crazy

    well does anyone no if the 3.1 gives you the video camera? im teird having going thru my phones file system just to get my videos i recorded with the jailbroke videocamera
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  7. 360boi's Avatar
    so no1 hear knows how to fix this problem on 3.0? or if it stops on 3.0.1?
    2009-08-28 11:08 PM
  8. tiiiiiger's Avatar
    i am running 3.0.1 jailbroken and it just started for me this afternoon. all my incoming text messages are from unknown in the preview.

    wtf is going on.
    2009-08-29 03:21 AM
  9. Jstud8's Avatar
    I'm on AT&T as well. I'm going to "re-jailbreak" my phone and see if that fixes it. I'll update after I do it, I'm on 3.0.1.

    Maybe it has something to do with a soft rollout of MMS? Haha, probably not, it's probably something we've all done.
    2009-08-29 06:01 AM
  10. Tabasco0303's Avatar
    Yeah same issue here too, first it started as the same msg poppong up multiple times(Yesterday 8/27). Now its "Text from Unknown"(8/28)
    2009-08-29 06:07 AM
  11. Jstud8's Avatar
    Ok so re-jailbreaking it didn't help, but it also didn't seem to change anything at all on my phone, haha.

    I dunno if I want to try and restore it to the original and then re-do it or not.

    For a little while I was just getting the "text from unknown" and now it's back to the double ping after doing the redsn0w again.

    What region is everyone in? I'm in the midwest. I also installed and uninstalled "SMS Black" on my phone, and I half attempted to do the keyboard mod but uninstalled iAcces too due to the sluggishness of the modded keyboard.

    Did this just happen randomly to anyone else? Or have you all installed apps as well?
    2009-08-29 06:10 AM
  12. Tabasco0303's Avatar
    I noticed it after updating the Facebook app to 3.0, anyone else??
    2009-08-29 06:20 AM
  13. Jstud8's Avatar
    That's right, I also have the new facebook app and the new tfln app. will delete fb app and see what happens.

    Nope, removing the fb app didn't do anything. It has to be something else we downloaded from cydia.
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    2009-08-29 06:26 AM
  14. Tabasco0303's Avatar
    I havent downloaded anything recently from Cydia..... its gotta be something else.
    2009-08-29 06:27 AM
  15. Jstud8's Avatar
    Hmm...I dunno then, haha. I did notice, when I had the vibrate on with the ring all I would get is "text from unknown."

    So it didn't do the double beep. I guess we'll just have to wait a bit and see.
    2009-08-29 06:30 AM
  16. Tabasco0303's Avatar
    Ok i guess I lied I just remember I updated iBlacklist. Do you have this app?? I removed it and it appears to have fixed the issue... (for Now)
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    2009-08-29 07:05 AM
  17. Jstud8's Avatar
    Yes I do have that app, and I updated it recently.

    I feel bad for bashing that dude's SMS skin, haha. I wish there was a way to delete the comments on those things.

    Did you remove it using cydelete or remove it using cydia > manage packages?
    2009-08-29 07:30 AM
  18. Tabasco0303's Avatar
    Cydia>Manage Package
    2009-08-29 07:31 AM
  19. Jstud8's Avatar
    Ok thank goodness. If you use Cydelete it will still do it, so everyone else reading this go to Cydia and use "Manage Packages" and uninstall from there.

    Is there a way to notify the developers?
    2009-08-29 07:34 AM
  20. Tabasco0303's Avatar
    If you look it up in Cydia there should be a way to contact the developer if you go into the Details, you can click on Author and it should pull up an email to them. Im gonna send one now.

    The only thing that I can think of is when the update went through the setting were changed so that you can keep the msg private if you wanted. You'd think that would be a featute the user would activate on their own and not have it pre-activated causing hysteria and panic ( thats a little over doing it)
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    2009-08-29 07:41 AM
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