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    first off the basics:

    About a week ago I logged on to Cydia and it told me that I needed to upgrade some things (the little black window that pops up) or some things may not work. The very first time I saw this (shortly after Jailbreaking the phone) I clicked "essential updates only" 'cuse I was just wanting to get it running (and turn off EDGE as fast as I could). BUT! This time I thought "why not" and clicked the "all updates" (or whatever it said) it listed somethings off on the Confirm page. Since I'm a relative Newb I don't know if anything on the list was bad or not, so I clicked install.

    The install worked just fine, and the phone functioned normally. However. I noticed, rather quickly, that I could only wake the phone using the Top Button (sleep/wake/power) and when it did wake up it showed the little apple icon that it displays when it starts up. I thought "this is odd", but let it do it's thing. It started up, and I even got a text off, but again when I put it to sleep, or it idled out, when I went to wake it, lo and behold it was starting up again. Eventually it got to the point where it wouldn't get past the apple icon. I had to DFA/Restore/Re-Jailbreak it to get it back.

    So my question is, has anyone else experienced this situation? It makes me hesitant to update anything through Cydia that isn't just an app. Did I somehow download and install an update that wasn't compatible with my phone?

    here's my specs for refrence:
    iPhone: 2g 4gb
    Jailbreak: Redsn0w
    Version: 3.0.1 (then and now)
    Apps from Cydia Installed (at the time):
    Boss Prefs

    The reason I'm asking is because it says that I need an update for an app called "iSpazio" which I don't see on my Spring Board, but it says it's a primary default repository. (the attached image shows what it says I need to update)

    I really don't want to have to restore and reinstall everything again...
    Attached Thumbnails Crash after Cydia "update"-img_0033.png  
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    2009-08-30 11:35 AM
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    iSpazio is not an app, but a cydia repository (so a list of apps for you to look through in cydia). oh, besides that, LOTS of stuff in cydia (especially the pre-installed stuff) won't have an app icon because it's not an app.

    you can update anything that comes pre-installed in cydia without any doubt! what you experienced last time sounds odd, but had nothing to do with your cydia packages (except you installed something bad on your own, but if I understood you correctly this all happened before you installed anything at all, right?)
    2009-08-30 11:42 AM
  3. k2them20x6's Avatar
    Hmm... Ok. I may try it again. I wish I had paid more attention when it happened.
    2009-08-31 01:28 AM
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