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    so im currently using att and have a nokia e71x, i have a friend who wants to buy my nokia for a good bit of money and i if i sell it will be buying a iphone 3g or 3gs, my main question is.

    whats really better about the 3gs than the 3g.
    will i need to change my texting plan to the iphone texting and get a data plan for the iphone?

    will i be able to download firmware updates or w/e u would like to call them.

    and if i buy a phone off ebay should i get a jailbroken one? or a regular one. is a jailbroken phone harder to us? do i have issues with apps and downloading updates?

    sorry if its alot of questions but im putting over 300$ into a new phone and dont wana get jacked
    2009-09-02 01:37 AM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Welcome to MMi,

    If your going to use AT&T 3G speed is awesome. The new 3Gs is much faster but I doubt that you will be able to find one anywhere close to $300.00, that is 3G prices.
    You will need a data plan to access the internet unless you have wifi in most places you'll be using your phone.
    Yes you'll be able to download any updated firmwares available through iTunes as they become available.
    A already jailbroken iPhone usually brings a bit more money on eBay so I would say just do it yourself because it's free and very easy to do. We have tutorials here on the forum.
    2009-09-02 01:52 AM
  3. BlackWolf's Avatar
    jailbroken or not, you can download any firmware upgrades you want. just remember that if you want to keep your jailbreak (and maybe, if needed, the unlock) you can never update through itunes, but you have to wait until the community (the dev team) jailbroke and unlocked the firmware. also, remember this: if you want to buy an iPhone from ebay, you better be quick. firmware 3.1 is coming out, and noone knows if it will still be jailbreakable (at least on the 3GS). if it's not jailbroken and you get a 3.1 iPhone, it will be pretty much useless to you until someone comes up with a jailbreak/unlock.

    obviously, you will need some kind of data plan if you want to access the internet on-the-go. since it brings alot of great features to the iphone, internet is pretty cool. with all the great appstore apps, you can do A LOT of things on-the-go with your iphone if you have internet.

    as for 3g vs 3gs: I would go for a 3gs if you can afford it. I have had both, and the 3GS is simply much ... smoother. no crashes, no lags, no waiting time, no nothing. it just works flawlessly. I mean the 3G is great as well, but now that I own a 3GS, I definetly notice the difference when I use a friends 3G. it just seems like it makes me wait a lot
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    2009-09-02 02:18 AM
  4. wdewd's Avatar
    for 500 would it be worth buying a 3gs 16gb?
    2009-09-02 02:22 AM
  5. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    For me it would, that's a great price.
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    2009-09-02 02:24 AM
  6. cpjr's Avatar
    3GS = buy it.
    2009-09-02 02:25 AM
  7. wdewd's Avatar
    well i should be getting 200 for my nokia so its only like 350 for a 3gs =]
    2009-09-02 02:37 AM
  8. BlackWolf's Avatar
    I bought my 3GS for 500, it was worth it. 500 dollar is much less if I'm not mistaken ^^ again: if it doesn't hurt you too much, go for it. 3gs rocks.
    2009-09-02 04:25 AM
  9. Poseidon79's Avatar
    The iPhone 3G is the biggest piece of FAIL ever. 3GS is the only iPhone worth buying if you're going to jailbreak.
    2009-09-02 04:36 AM
  10. BlackWolf's Avatar
    The iPhone 3G is the biggest piece of FAIL ever. 3GS is the only iPhone worth buying if you're going to jailbreak.
    don't be so hard on the 3G, it's still usable
    2009-09-02 04:46 AM
  11. Cer0's Avatar
    I went from the Nokia e71x to iPhone 3GS, I had the previous two iPhones at some point also and the 3GS is a great option. If you bought the e71x since it's release in April then it may take a tiny bit to get used to the texting lol.

    Side Note: I liked the build of the e71x very much. Mine sold for 280$ on ebay at the end of June.
    2009-09-02 05:06 AM
  12. StealthBravo's Avatar
    don't be so hard on the 3G, it's still usable
    I use a 3G for a test device
    2009-09-02 05:11 AM
  13. It's Josh's Avatar
    Why is everybody hatin' on my 3g?
    2009-09-02 05:13 AM
  14. BlackWolf's Avatar
    I use a 3G for a test device
    I forwarded your post to all my friends who own 3G iPhones ... now they hate me
    2009-09-02 02:41 PM