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    hello all ,

    I have big problem in my iphone 2G

    my iphone LCD was cracked , I replaced it ...

    ... than the battery wire's has cutted ... so iphone does not work with out a connection either with USB or with Charger...

    than when I run iphone it becomes to Recovery mode and tell me to connect to itunes...

    So I connected the iphone again with USB to pc , win xp sp3

    and than Try to restore the firmware ... 3.0

    it extract ... and the iphone itunes logo disappear and iphone restart ...

    apple logo appeared ..

    and in pc i see that prepareing to restore ....

    than in iphone after some seconds i see loading circle and than its turned off

    and in itunes i see Preparing iphone for restore is still loading

    according to that I get after some minutes error # 1602 or if I press the power iphone again than i get this error 1161

    also I want to notice you that cannot go to normal mode ... because system has been deleted , i think its from battery

    FRESH DOWNLOAD OF IPHONE 2G firmware from apple


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    Try restoring with the phone in DFU mode.

    To get to DFU Mode

    Hold the Home and Power button down for 10 seconds.
    After 10 seconds, release the power button, but keep holding the power button for up to another 30 seconds. If plugged in, you should hear your computer make the disconnected sound.

    iTunes will then detect your phone in recovery mode. Try the restore then.
    2009-09-04 08:28 PM
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    Hi Piazza331

    will , I have tried this method more than 3 times

    same problem ,

    ITUNES Shows that Prepairing iphone for restore , and than after some seconds ,

    we see that loading circle in iphone for 2 seconds and than iphone shutdown
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