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    I updated categories and now my phone is stuck in an endless reboot, but I can still access it through my pc for a short time. My problem is I havent synced my contacts in a while and theres some I need to get off my phone before I restore, so is there a file I can grab off my iphone that has my contacts in it?
    2009-09-06 12:33 AM
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    This thread should help.

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    2009-09-06 12:54 AM
  3. Jonny202003's Avatar
    Apparently it was libhide, the newest update caused an endless reboot. I found this through google:

    This is just a quick guide for those who had just updated their libhide and is experiencing the endless reboot on your iPhone/iPod. Follow the one and only step below.

    Need: You need OpenSSH or anything so that you can access your iPhone/iPod's DIR.

    1. Go to: library/mobilesubstrate/dynamiclibraries/ and delete any files with libhide in it and reboot.

    I did this and it works, I'm back in my phone woot!
    2009-09-06 01:16 AM