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    So, I'm Canadian, picked up the 16gb iPhone 1.1.4 in Chicago last week, had a buddy whos got experience and has jailbreaked 2 phones already jailbreak mine. So I have access to it, but now I have it, I'm putting programs on it and I'm all over the internet for information and whats good whats not, and all that stuff. I am very computer savy, although I don't know code (besides slight html experience) I pick up on everything quickly and can use/do anything with a computer, so I don't think theres anything I won't be able to do with the iPhone (with the exception of programming/creating apps). I'd love for anybody who knows it all to help me out.

    So I see this seems to be the most active place for people discussing iPhone topics & applications so I was hoping maybe somebody here would be willing to take me under their wing and show me the way with this thing, and what I'll be able to do with 3rd party app's is astonishing and is the reason I got it. I'm on aim pretty much 24/7 @ ps3TheMainEvent if anyone wants to contact me there. My initial questions after looking around all day today are:
    - I'm really interested in this BeatPhone program. I got it and installed it, didn't have any errors. Go to use it & and a blurred image pops up for 3 seconds, than it just goes back to the home screen. I can't touch anything on this blurred image so I have no idea what to do. I've heard things about using one of those terminal programs and what looked like code to fix other issues but didn't read anything about this one in paticular
    - What are the best websites and forums that I should have bookmarked to keep up to date on all new info, and to get help with issues I may come upon
    - What are these programs like MobileFinder (which wont work on my 1.1.4 system) and term-vt100, how do they work, what do they do, and how are they mostly used
    - I read people talking about just look through your files and move files and stuff, kind of sounds like their on an operating system like windows where they are looking at actual file folders and stuff, and looking through their drives, but I'm not seeing any of this. What application do I need to be able to do this with my 1.1.4
    - WHAT DOES 1.1.4 mean lol
    - Is there an application to run themes on the 1.1.4? I can't get customize or summerboard to work. And what all do the custom themes do
    - I'm really into maximizing what I can do digitally with the iPhone, I've got ShowTime, mxtube, camerapro, vNotes, and capture so far which are all programs that I found to give services that the iPhone doesn't give on its own. Their all pretty cool, but with the exception of mxTube and vNotes, they all seem like they will be upgraded majorly in the future. Are there better programs out there that do the same things as these, AND what other great programs are there I should try to maximize what my device can do.
    - Do all movies work for the iphone? If not, which ones do? And whats the best converter to use for the ones that don't work?
    - Whats the best place to download videos/album work and other media for the iphone? I use u-torrent and limewire, but I'm open to using any other download source including Mirc, so if theres something better out there please let me know
    - I use AIM and MSN constantly, and would like to have it constantly running on my phone as an application that is pretty much always on, and I can just go to it to get messages and conversations. I tried apollo and mobilesomething or other and neither worked. Got some tweak, it made them work for AIM but not msn which wouldn't connect on either of them. So is there a fix? if so which program should I use. if not, is there another program that both aim and msn work in. I want to use the best program, but it has to use both aim & msn whatever program it is. If not I'll have to use beehive on safari which I'd rather not do
    - Tell me everything I don't know that I probably need to know about my jailbroken iPhone

    Well, thats alot of my chest for now, I'm sure I have a million more questions going through my head as I use this more and learn more. But please anybody willing to answer my questions or aim me to help out, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys
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    2008-03-15 09:26 AM
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    hey guys, is there anybody out there willin to help?
    2008-03-17 03:07 AM
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    You want us to tell you everything you need to know?

    Read the forums
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    2008-03-17 03:10 AM
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    You need to spend a lot more time reading through these forums and educating yourself. We are here to help... not spoon feed you information that has already been posted several times over. Look through the different threads and see what other questions other members have asked and i guarantee you the answers to all your questions are there.
    2008-03-17 03:13 AM
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    i think people probably found your post too long to read haha. and plus, a lot of your questions can be answered with some research. for someone as computer savvy as you, it'll probably be more helpful for you to read a bit more, read the guides/wiki here. you'll most likely understand just about everything
    2008-03-17 03:13 AM
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    Wow ! You have a LOT of questions.... Here's some answers that I learned by reading on 5 or 6 forums since about a month......

    First of all, 1.1.4 is the version of the firmware running on your phone. About the movies, only formats H264 et m4v are accepted. For Customize and Summerboard, there is a Fix on Installer to make them work nice'n easy.... Just do a research for the source to add in Installer. And to look at your folders IN the iphone, you need something call WinSCP on your PC and you need OpenSSH on your Iphone... Just Google it for the details...

    Really, the best way to learn is to read... a lot ! ;o)) Good luck !
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    2008-03-17 03:27 AM
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    commiek hit me up been on aim with him since my last post. He taught me everything, he is the man. and thanks to the last poster for helping out. I feel like I know how it all works now thanks to him, so now i can enjoy my phone in full and use it to its max.

    by the way to those who said just look and search. I spent friday, my whole day 14 hours looking for info on the questions I asked and never found a real answer anywheres. I found people discussing those things, but none explaining them. Thanks again commiek, your a savior
    2008-03-17 05:46 AM
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    Try iClarified.com
    2008-03-17 05:50 AM