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    Afternoon all
    Don;t post that often but lurk alot, picked up many tips so thanks guys.

    I have a little problem at the moment and wondered if anyone else has experienced the same, less than one month ago I upgraded to the new Iphone 3GS, very excited about the new upgrade from my old 3g, However since it arrived I've had notyhing but poor quality reception, no signal..dropped calls ect ect, It's been quite annoying for work reasons. I know they are not the best but this has been poor, I did a test last week and took my wife's 3g around with me testing call quality and signal strength in different locations, I can conclude that the the standard 3G out performed the new 3GS, I call o2 (UK) and explained the situation, they agreed to replace my handset, I've just setup the new iphone and they seems to be no change at my home office desk the new 3GS shows 1 bar while my wife's 3G shows 3 bars.

    Has anybodY else noticed this issue or had the same problem??

    ****Just noticed 3.1 firmware is available I'll download and see if improvemnt is gained"

    OK Guys 24 hrs of the new 3.1, and reception is stil no better!
    Really disapointed with the 3GS!

    Any one any hints tuips or ideas why this should be?

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    Did the swap out your device or not?
    Android user suffering from iPhone withdraw.
    2009-09-13 05:13 AM