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    So, I did a quick search but didnt see any threads (I didnt go into every thread as theres way too many)

    I just need to fix my status bar to go back to portrait

    Have iNSPIRED Landscape theme installed. When I went to uninstall it I deleted the Springboard.strings (I think thats what it was called) on accident because I was rushing. The file I was supposed to delete was not in the folder System/Library/Coreservices/Springboard.app/English.lproj

    Instead now I have only 2 files in there:

    So my question is; could someone just upload the files needed for that folder just so I have them? And also; how do I even fix my landscape status bar? I dont have the .plist that I was suposed to have in there in the first place so I dont see why its even staying in landscape mode period.

    so no one can help on this? damnit guess ill wait for a JB for 3.1 or something... then ill just restore and update.
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    2009-09-13 08:27 AM
  2. Sammy 3G [S]'s Avatar
    same problem! It seems nobody on the net has an answer for this! I'm also waiting for the JB for 3G [S]!!!!!

    Bollocks eh!
    2009-09-24 11:16 PM
  3. thatruth132's Avatar
    go into ur phone using ssh and go to system/library/coreservices...look in that folder and see if there is a file named info.plist or infoplist.strings and remove them and then resping
    2009-09-24 11:48 PM