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    Always something new to learn....

    I had a 3gs overheat using the GPS/Map and could not get it to restore to save my life. I was even desperate enough to try 3.1

    Bottom line, I had no choice but to go to Apple and pray they would not figure out I had jailbroken the phone previously or had the unit repaired previously by a third party for water damage.

    The technician also could not get the system to restore.

    So he offered to give me a new replacement (yeehaaa I thought). Then he started looking at it carefully and pulled the sim card out. He was looking for the serial number since the restore would not show it.

    #1 He looked at the sim card holder which has the serial number on it (yes the plastic tray has the iPhone serail number on it!). This one was apparently not my original one and was from a iPhone 1k miles away. Must have been swaped out when I sent it in to have the water damage fixed.

    I played real stupid since this iPhone is through a business and I do swap out iPhones all the time.

    #2 He took the iPhone in the back to remove the whole plate to get inside to find the correct serial number. Lucky for me he didn't see whatever parts were replaced and found the original serial number inside the iPhone...

    I hope this was a little informative....
    2009-09-15 04:57 AM
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    LOL! Funny
    2009-09-15 05:06 AM