1. TrippleSinner's Avatar
    SO I got fed up with this new firmware restore process and what not. I decided too plunge and order a 16GB Factory unlocked iPhone 3G . Has anyone had any experience with them? The model im getting is a Hong kong model and im in the us and will be using it on t mobile. I know about the service issue if anything goes wrong with it Id have too send it too apple hong kong. but I can deal with that. Just wanted too find out any stories experiences etc would be great.
    2009-09-17 06:17 PM
  2. nachobel's Avatar

    Let me know how this worked out for you. I'm thinking about doing the same thing! (except the 3Gs)
    2009-10-15 11:26 PM
  3. TrippleSinner's Avatar
    i ended up getting a hogn kong model 32gb 3G S and so far i jailbroke it but its still unlocked with no problems prolly the best thing I ever did so I now I wont have to worry ever about it getting locked
    2009-10-17 06:11 PM
  4. nachobel's Avatar
    What'd you pay for that? About a G right? Are you in the US on T-Mobile?
    2009-10-17 06:20 PM
  5. SAVAGE5's Avatar
    I never even knew of something like this. What exactly is the difference.

    Long time reader. I don't care if you have 1 million post.
    2009-10-17 06:28 PM
  6. nachobel's Avatar
    Factory Unlocked phones will work on any carrier (GSM) worldwide without any hacking or modifying - just pop in the sim and go. They cost a boat load though. You can update them and whatever and not have to worry about anything (well, except Jailbreaking if that's your bag).
    2009-10-17 07:19 PM
  7. mahgninnuc93's Avatar
    SO the only real use then is if you travel or do not want AT&T for your carrier? Is the phone set to use the T-Mobile 3G network. I know they are on different frequencies than AT&T. can you get 3G speed with T-Miobile or are you stuck with Edge?
    2009-10-17 07:54 PM
  8. nachobel's Avatar
    Yes, the only use is if you don't want to use AT&T as your carrier.

    The iPhone won't work with T-Mobiles 3G network, you only get Edge speed.

    However...I just got a TM506 which I debranded, so now if I pop my sim in that, I can tether with 3G speed...for 5.99/mo

    Actually thinking about getting another line and having the data plan transfered over (so $16/mo) for another sim to just keep in there all the time. Unlimited tethering without bothering switching sims as well as unlimited texts and 5 more myfaves? Might be worth it.
    2009-10-17 08:03 PM