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    Hi everyone - I think I've made myself crazy with information overload and now I can't even think straight because I feel like I'm trying to climb out of a bowl of spaghetti. ugh.

    This has to be pretty simple but for some reason (to me) it's not.

    I'm forwarding all my other email accounts to my GMAIL account. I'm going to use that as my primary and stop using outlook to pull all of my emails into one spot. I imported all my outlook contacts, my calendar, etc. So now that dirty work is all out of the way. I set up my iphone (with IMAP settings). Here is where I have my questions please:

    1.) I noticed today that some of the msgs that I delete on my phone (only some of them for some reason) aren't deleting in my gmail. Anyone have an idea of why that would be happening? (It's not a specific email address that's been forwarded or anything, I've thought of checking that)

    2.) Is there a way to sync the google calendar and google contacts to my phone the way the mail syncs (you know the magic way the emails disappear)?

    I saw the google calendar sync and then about 4 other types of google sync things (including setting up a microsoft exchange acct on the iphone which I don't know is the right thing to do?)

    I can't believe that I'd have to put all different sync apps on a phone to get the calendar and contacts to sync.

    This can't be that complicated, is it??

    Please help, my mind is mush and this is killing my OCD to not have this exactly right
    2009-09-19 11:43 PM