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    ALright, I'll start at the beginning... At first i had no problems with itunes 9. I installed 3.1 on my touch to play with the new itunes interface goodies. All well and good... My phone synced fine for several days and then the weirdness started happening.

    1st- Plugged phone in and itunes said it was "verifying library" at which point it took some music off my phone. (i was able to put it back on in a subsequent sync)

    2nd- When i plug my phone in it doesnt autonatically sync despite the fact that i have that option checked. I have to press the home key now to get it to start a sync. STRANGE.

    3rd- This is by far the most annoying thing that has happened in itunes 9. I opened itunes after about 9 hours of my computer being OFF, and itunes tells me to select a library. WTF! So i start rooting around for my most current .itl file and select it. Now whenever i open itunes it says "Previous iTunes Libraries" across the top of the window where it should just say "iTunes". I have since added music to the library to make it "current" but that has yielded no positive results.

    4th- iTunes decided to remove 70 percent of my album art. Most of which was recovered using the "get artwork" option but, still irritating when you have 60GB worth of very well organized and complete music/albums. Now some of the artwork is incorrect after itunes fetched it. Tedious at best...

    Any help with this or maybe even a little explanation would be great. My specs are listed. Thank you...
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    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...
    2009-09-21 04:04 PM