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    I have a non-jailbroken, non-unlocked 3.0.1 (7A400) 3G iPhone. If it matters, it reports the modem firmware as 04.26.08.

    The mute on/off switch broke off, so I'm going in to the Apple store tomorrow. I'm also going to complain about the fact that I'm getting poor battery life and the fact that the phone seems to get quite hot in my pocket.

    On their website, they say I'm required to update to the most recent iPhone software before they'll even look at the phone. What should I do to ensure that I have as much flexibility in the future as possible?

    2009-09-21 05:03 PM
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    When you say flexiblity I assume you are referring to JB'ing and UL'ing at a later date. I would JB now to register your phones info with CYDIA then do a full restore to remove JB. This way you have options because im sure they will make you upgrade to 3.1. THis is if they repair your existing phone on site, if they give you a new phone (probably with 3.1) im not sure you have a lot of options.
    2009-09-21 06:01 PM
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    Yes, sorry that wasn't clear. "Flexibility" meant JB'ing and UL'ing.

    Your plan sounds like a good one. I must have been reading out-of-date messages, because my impression was that it wasn't quite as easy as just "JB and register".

    2009-09-21 06:32 PM
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    if your mute switch broke the chances are they'll replace the phone. I'd leave it on 3.0 for now (or whatever you're on) and tell them about the switch. I doubt they will make you do an upgrade in the store before they look at it and even if they do, just tellthem you want to back everything up to your computer first and go back another day.

    Oh, and you don't even need to jailbreak to register. Check out the post on the fw-umbrella.. as long as you have the ECID from your phone (easily done without JB) you can get the files you need using only your computer
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    2009-09-22 01:26 AM
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    First off, moved to correct forum.

    Next, dont lie to them thats lame, tell them whats wrong and its either warrantied or not.
    2009-09-22 01:49 AM
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    Why is everyone worried about his ECID?? He only have a 3G.
    2009-09-22 05:17 AM