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    hey there guys. First off I unlocked and jailbroke my phone about a month ago, and it was fine. Then all of a sudden that damned airplane message kept firing up, and causing me all sorts of problems. So i finally did a restore and updated to 3.1 (of course it re-locked it) so i re did the process and jailbroke it again. Problem is, after I re-do everything with Redsnow, it downloads the Jailbreak data but doesnt seem to get past that part. It just loads for awhile, and then the screen goes black, and then I press home button and I see my T-Mobile icon in the top left, and even got a "new voicemail" message- however its just the emergency call screen- Like it never got unlocked. Im not sure if upgrading to 3.1 screwed me up bigtime.. but all of this was to just get rid of the airplane mode message. Ive redone the unlock/re-jailbreak several times.. and it just stays on the "Downloading Jailbreak data" screen and then thats it. Any ideas??

    Thanks A lot! !!!!!!!


    EDIT- So i can recieve texts and calls- I just cannot get past this locked screen. ONly make "emergency" calls. Its pretty weird. Again any help is greatly appreciated!!
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    redsn0w doesnt unlock 3.1
    try downgrading to 3.0.1 or 3.0
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