1. springer01's Avatar
    For about the last 5 months my call volume has been getting worse and worse on my Iphone 2G. My contract is about to end so I was looking at upgrading to a 3G, but we dont even have 3G here so it was gonna be just for the volume issue.

    This afternoon while looking at my phone I noticed it had alot of dirt in the earpiece slot so I thought hey maybe its full of dirt and crap from being in my pocket everyday for almost 2 years. I took some compressed air about 80psi and blew out the earpiece slot and the both bottom speaker grills and WOW this thing is like brand new again!!! I have to turn the volume to about 3/4 during a call or its too loud.. I am super stoked just and thought I would share incase others had similar issues.

    2009-09-26 02:51 AM
  2. nalrod's Avatar
    That was it! Thanks so much. I was overlooking the obvious and couldn't find any tweaks for 2G iPhone call volume; but I cleaned it out and it's much improved. Thanks again.
    2010-08-16 05:38 AM