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    Hey guys,

    Haven't been able to find anyone with the same problem but hopefully one of you guys might have a fix for me.

    I'm still on 3.0, jailbroken, AT&T 3GS... Phone has been working great and I don't have any major mods or tweaks done to the phone.

    I've done the carrier updates that were released a couple weeks ago (5.0), and I updated to the latest 5.5 today hoping that it would fix my problem, but it didn't.

    My phone can send MMS just fine, but upon trying to receive an MMS, the phone sends out about half of the regular 'message received' tone and then totally drops the signal. Takes a few seconds to regain signal, but I don't receive the MMS at all. It's tryin', just not getting through. Is anyone out there have this problem or know of a way to fix it?

    I thought maybe it was because I'm still on 3.0 but plenty of people have it working. I don't want to update to 3.1 because I will lose my jailbreak. Any help guys? Anything is appreciated!

    Well, I figured it out... I uninstalled a whole bunch of stuff in Cydia (one being SwirlyMMS), restarted the phone, and it works perfectly now.
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    Check the thread on the front page of the forum...StealthBravo has a bundle that may or may not work for you

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