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    When going from No Service (for example in a building), to going outside (decent coverage), my phone lags for about a couple of minutes before picking up a signal automatically. Also, sometimes I need to actually unlock my phone, and have it sit on the home screen before it recognizes there is a signal.

    Can anything remedy this? I have a 2G-TMobile-3.0

    Also, I was about to make a call today, and noticed it said No Service, I disregarded hoping for some reason it would go through, and the call began....indicator still said No Service. Very odd/annoying.
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    2009-09-28 10:24 PM
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    2009-09-29 10:45 PM
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    Thats just how it goes....You can toggle airplane mode on and then off when you see no service to force the phone to search again.
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    I feel like I have it bad though...Is it like this for anyone else? I will be in an area with full EDGE coverage, but it will still say "No Service" until I give it a minute or reset the connection.
    2009-09-30 12:56 AM