1. BLAKsteve's Avatar
    My iphone was jailbroken 3.0 and i just updated to normal nonjailbroken 3.1, i have the MMS now and everything is working properly but itunes appears to have added 1.26gb in the OTHER space of the total memory bar. I saw something about simply restoring it will fix it, but does anyone have any alternative solutions, id hate to wait for it to restore, then put all my music, photos, contacts, and crap back on.
    2009-09-30 06:45 AM
  2. angiepangie's Avatar
    Restore and set up as new
    I always feel sorry for the guy in the iPhone commercials. He always gets a call right in the middle of trying to do something
    2009-09-30 06:47 AM
  3. BLAKsteve's Avatar
    my sad face is extremely sad right now
    2009-09-30 06:50 AM