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    I have updated my 3GS 3.0 iphone with the ATT_US.ipcc and now I have MMS but I do not have the option to enable tethering. I have done this to 3 of my friends 3GS 3.0 iPhones and they all have MMS and tethering. Does it matter that I previously tried benm.at method? I removed his profile and still no luck. Any ideas?

    Now I notice that I can only send/receive MMS when I have benm.at profile set. Should I be able to modify the Cellular Data Network page? Any time I go into it and change something it doesn't save.
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    2009-10-01 05:28 PM
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    which ipcc version did you install? with the right ipcc version, you dont need benm.at profile.

    Here's the one I'm using which enables mms, tether, visual vm, and cellular data field. Just remember to reboot iphone after the ipcc update.

    ATT_US.ipcc ver 5.5.1
    2009-10-01 06:51 PM