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    Ok here is the deal, i ran blackra1n through it last night and it worked great, I releized it wasnt an jailbreak and unlock like redsn0w or ultrasn0w is, so i went to cydia and insalled bootneuter i let it run its course and all and the last step were its done uploading, it cut off and kind of looked like it rebooted its'self..So i let it do that and now when it comes on it has that (usb cable, and itunes logo) and says that a restore is needed...Alright so i connect it to Itunes and itunes says the phone cant be activated due to a sim card issue, it alos says to disconnect the phone fix the sim card and plug it back it..I DONT HAVE AN ACTIVE SIM CARD..do i need this to restore the phone, because right no all i can do is charge it, I would like some help on this because i want to activate this phone a.s.a.p....LMK what you guys have

    2009-10-14 02:30 PM