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    I installed Categories, and set up everything like I liked it. I only used 2 pages of my springboard (I think that's what its called, I haven't had my iPhone long enough to study all the correct terminology). So anyway, I click on Games, and all my game icons open up (obviously), but when I tap on whatever game I want to play, it opens up the "loading" screen for about half a second, and goes back to my springboard. Luckily my settings folder still works (I have bossprefs, the original iPhone settings, SBSettings, and WinderBoard). and Media still works (Photo album, Cycorder, and Pandora) Why would the games not load?? Do I need to restore my iPhone? All of the games and stuff were freebies, so I'm not worried about losing them, so I'm thinking about just starting over.
    2009-10-15 04:48 PM