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    I've been working on this for a few hours, searching through all of the posts and nothing has worked & I am getting so frustrated!!

    I'm on a Vista 34, 3G jb 3.0.
    I updated iTunes to 9.0.1 then attempted to update to 3.1 to jb with blackra1n. While doing this the phone keep beeping that it was connected & unconnected repeatedly. I think the wire is messed up. So I held it while it was backing up the iphone and had no problems. Then all of a sudden the phone had the connect to itunes logo so finally i got a new cord. I've gone into DFU mode several times (I think!), restarted the computer with the iphone connected & not connected, I even tried to jb using redsn0w although i knew it wouldn't work.

    Anyway, please help me!

    Also itunes doesn't recognize the iphone for whatever reason...
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    2009-10-18 04:18 AM
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    Is the phone off?? Hold the home and power buttons until the apple logo appears....
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    2009-10-18 04:37 AM
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    The phone is on. It's either in reocovery mode or in DFU mode. When I connect it to itunes, itunes doesn't recognize the iphone. The windows pop up comes up every time i connect it to the computer saying it found new hardware but is unable to install the device driver software. When i go into device manager and right click to update it says that it fails everytime. No matter what I do it says it fails to update the device driver software!
    I even uninstalled and reinstalled itunes & it's doing the same thing. I wasn't even attempting to jb at the time-just update to 3.1!
    Please help!!
    2009-10-18 02:45 PM
  4. BlackWolf's Avatar
    have you tried another computer?
    2009-10-18 03:33 PM