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    Before you start a new thread, please take the time to:

    • Search.
      As the forum grows, it becomes more and more likely with each passing day that your problem has been already been experienced, discussed and solved by a member before you. Using the search box in the top right hand corner will often save you the time of creating a thread and waiting for a response.

    • Make sure the title of your thread summarises your problem in a few short words.
      Titles consisting solely of: "Help!" and "What do I do?!" are intellectually insufficient and are likely to be skipped by other members.

    • State what device you have, and what firmware it is on.
      Help members localize the problem with your device. It will most certainly rule out the guessing game and will save your thread two extra posts where people have to ask the OP "What device/firmware are you on?"

    Other things:
    • Those who ask for help in catering to their stolen iPhone will not be helped. Save yourself in advance from the headache and flames. In relation to this
    • IMEI numbers on iPhone 3G and above cannot be changed. Stolen phones that have had their IMEI blocked will remain blocked
    • Do not ask for or post links to (modified) custom firmware files.

    Thank you.
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