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  1. Nitsson's Avatar
    I'm wondering if the tethering option is carrier based as some people mention this disappearing after jailbreaking 3.1.x on a 3GS. I know that for instance AT&T is not too happy about tethering, but my carrier (3 in Sweden) allows it.

    Why does this disappear for some people and not for others? I'm asking as I'd like to keep this option in the future. My phone has had the tethering option when at 3.1 OTB, after an upgrade to 3.1.2 via iTunes, and finally after a successful blackra1n jailbreak.

    2009-10-18 06:37 PM
  2. BlackWolf's Avatar
    yes, it is carrier based, but if you are not on an official iphone carrier that supports tethering you're out of luck.
    for example, my carrier officially allows tethering, but it's no official iphone carrier and therefore the iphone doesn't know that tethering is allowed -> the tethering option is not visible.

    but: I read on that he wants to update his mobile configs next week, let's hope that this will work
    2009-10-18 07:18 PM
  3. Nitsson's Avatar
    Noted - I'm on an official carrier (one of three in Sweden after Apple relaxed their rules) so that explains it. My phone is without a contract however so it will be interesting to see what the mobile configs bring. Oh, and that non-existent unlock of course

    Thanks for the info!
    2009-10-18 10:40 PM