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    Hi. I have a 2G 16g on 3.0.1 FW. The problem is that somehow it loose the audio when I connect it to a dock. It doesn't work with ihome, usaspec or even with the factory dock. I think that the problem may be the iapd file but I really don't know because I restore it and I have the same issue. Actually, the iphone recognize when it is connected to a dock but when I hit play there is no audio output. It was working on 2.0 FW.

    Can someone help me with this issue? I search and try everything I see o the forums but no luck.
    2009-10-24 09:17 PM
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    i've seen this before, use the search function.

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    2009-10-25 03:16 AM
  3. ggolow's Avatar
    2009-11-01 01:40 PM
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    Use the search function!
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    2009-11-01 04:23 PM
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    Use the search function!
    does anyone hear an echo?

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    2009-11-01 05:38 PM

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