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    They are now offering:-

    O2 offers free Home broadband with iPhone tethering

    O2 adds value for iPhone customers with Orange threat looming

    O2 has reacted strongly to tomorrow's launch of the Apple iPhone on the rival Orange network by announcing a Total Connectivity package, offering customers free home broadband if they sign up to 3G data tethering on the iPhone.

    The Total Connectivity deal means that for just 9.79-a-month, O2 iPhone users will be entitled to 3GB of tethering data and the company's standard Home Broadband package, with download speeds of 8Mbps. If iPhone customers would like one of the higher-speed 20Mbps packages, they're entitled to a discount of 7.34 - the same price as the standard package.
    2009-11-09 10:28 PM