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    I installed MyWi and everything seems fine, except that when my computer sees the connection and tries to connect it shows local only! It identifies the connection correctly, but I can not go online...

    The iPhone has the blue border and MyWi shows an up and down speed, but the computer will not connect to the internet! Additionally the only way to "stop" the tethering is too turn the iphone off and back on. Unless I do that, the border remains blue and MyWi shows up and down speeds even though there is no connection to the puter....

    Any suggestions?
    2009-11-19 10:11 PM
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    You are missing BT PAN support in order to communicate over the Internet. The Local Network connection is a mystery to me as well but the behavior you are describing is exactly what I get when I accidentally connect via Local Network to my 3Gs.

    PAN support is a bluetooth profile that needs to be installed. I think it happens when either you install BT software/drivers or when adding a device like iPhone and it sees what BT profiles it supports.

    I never got an answer to my question but see here:

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    2009-11-20 01:19 AM
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    Not sure that I understand this, but I am not trying to connect via bluetooth..
    2009-11-22 03:47 AM
  4. ZepRider's Avatar
    In your original post you do not identify the connection method that you are using. When you speak of local connection and described the issue you are encountering it mimicks the same issue I encounter with the BT version of the local connection that I was referring to.

    Your latest response contains no additional information in order to further assist you.
    2009-11-22 05:32 AM
  5. Jayce51@cox.net's Avatar

    My Iphone is acting the exact same way. Using the WiFi tethering, with or without WEP security, my computer connects TO the iPhone using the WiFi (like a hot spot)but not THROUGH the iPhone to the internet. I've sucessfully used MyWi from the same computer through someone elses iPhone using MyWi

    Any help appreciated.

    BTW I restored my iPhone and re-jailbroke it and reloaded MyWi...same results
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    2010-03-18 02:19 AM
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    I went through the same thing. I even restored and re-jailbroke as well. For some it started working with everything after I tethered one time using USB tethering only.
    2010-03-24 08:53 PM