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    Thanks to this and other forums, and the hard coding work of many others, I have been able to get the iPhone to near-seamlessly use VoIP at home, and ring the ATT mobile number away from home. Through my VoIP provider I set the landline to ring 5 times, then forward to the mobile number. These settings are adjusted thru a web interface with my provider.

    I use the iPhone 3GS 3.01, Siphon, Insomnia and Backgrounder. Additionally, I learned there is a 30 minute 'reset' that will interrupt the wifi connect. I applied the fix by editing a plist file: see the 30 minute wifi timeout thread here.

    Considerable effort was expended to get the internet connection solid by taking loss out of the cable modem path, assigning static IPs to all devices on the network including iPhone. I still get a DHCP assigned IP from the cable modem company, but when I checked the router log it had been static for the past 7 days.

    After the last fix to the WAN signal level, I had no problems for a week. Every call by VoIP over iPhone wifi was perfect. Until last night . . . I looked in the DGL-4300 router log and saw the iPhone had 'reassociated' with the network. But there was no preceding disassociation entry in the log! A normal iPhone-leaving-the-house event, obviously, was noted as a disassociation, followed by a reassociation with the network when I returned.

    So I am concluding the wifi is not that reliable. Does anybody know what can be done about this? I really need reliable wifi. Should I update and re-jailbreak to the 3.1.2 FW? I heard it had wifi issues too.

    Sorry for the long-winded post,

    2009-12-18 04:48 PM
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    Anybody? Your iPhone wifi is 100% reliable?
    2009-12-23 03:00 AM
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    Am I the only one using the iPhone for VoIP?
    2009-12-30 05:21 PM

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