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    I didnt know for sure what section to put this post in so i put it in a couple different spots sorry, if a mod would like to delete one go ahead. I am really stumped on this one, I am starting to think the iphone wont work with Centennial, and I cant find any info anywhere about it??????????? I probably have about 8 hrs in searching for info. "no kidding"

    Hi nice site! This is my first post here. I have a Blackberry 8310 with the unlimited internet package, but I want to use a Iphone instead if I can????? I have Centennial wireless as my provider, I have already jailbroke and unlocked the phone with Blackrain and unlocked with snow the phone does work however I have been unable to access my internet? The Wi-fi internet will work but not the GSM or whatever you guys call it that I pay for. Does a different unlocking program need to be used or somthing or am I just missing somthing? I have used the search button for hours trying to find out more info about this with very little sucsess. Can anyone tell me what settings need to be used and how to set them up, this is what I have tried:
    Cellualar data is set as follows: APN=private.centennialwireless.com

    MMS ( I have no idea what this even is)
    MMS Proxy

    I am certain I am doing somthing wrong here but not sure what all I get is ( Could not activate cellular data service) and I know I have the service it works just fine on the BB. Any help I could get on this issue would be greatly appriciated, I dont know much about iphones yet this is the first one I have ever owned and I would just LOVE to be able to use it and I also really like the teathering idea that would be great but I got to get the network to cooperate first. Thanks

    Through my research on this I am starting to think it is a Blackra1n issue, i have no other provider sim to try but i am starting to think it is cause the unlock program, anyone have any ideas for a good unlock other than blackra1n? I have read alot of unlocking issues with the 3Gs as far as connecting to the internet some are getting the same network error as i am and my phone is also suffering from a low signal and drop offs. I also have a 2g that has good signal but wont connect to the internet via sim either. Thanks anyone have any ideas I would be glad to hear them.
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    2009-12-24 09:43 PM
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    I had a 2G iPhone that I tried to get to work with CW. I don't think theIr Internet is compatible with the iPhone. Kinda like you can't use 3G with T-mo.
    2009-12-24 11:23 PM
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    That doesn't make sense. First of all, ATT bought Centennial so I don't see why it wouldn't work (compatibility wise). Secondly, I live in an area that is mainly Centennial coverage and have no problem using my IPhone on their towers. I believe the changeover will be complete sometime in 1010 - hopefully sooner rather than later. Your problems prob have something to do with the Iphone not being 'registered' on their network or something (not an engineer here obv .
    2009-12-26 03:16 PM
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    In order for it to work you would need to subscribe to the pda package, NOT a blackberry package. I have had an unlocked jailbroken 3g iphone on centennials network for at least 7 months. The ONLY issue i am unable to beat is mms.
    2010-01-18 05:03 AM
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    i have iphone 3gs 3.1.3 spirit jb unlocked w/ ultrasnow i am on centennial wireless and i am trying to use the internet on iphone i have my blue web package on it
    2010-07-11 05:50 AM
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    You need the PDA package. Not they blue web. You won't get 3g but u will have Internet.
    2010-07-11 06:10 PM