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    Ever since Steve returned to Apple and introduced the iMac, other great "i" products, I have been a faithful and loyal Mac customer, user, and enthusiast. I am proud to be part of the "Cult of Mac" so to speak. I have anxiously awaited just about every Mac release both hardware and software, and have even pre-ordered a copy of Leopard two months ago. I own 2 iMacs (one old, one brand new), 1 MacBook (black), 1 12" Powerbook, 2 Airports, and a variety of other Mac gear and accessories. Throughout my experience with Apple I have done nothing but praise Apple and nag all my friends and family to do likewise.

    All that changed when I bought the iPhone. Since I have bought it, I have had nothing but sh*t coverage, dropped calls and horrible customer service (AT&T). I have had it replaced twice and repaired once (faulty antenna). I have had my SIM card replaced, been moved to new towers, carrier bands, and still get sh*t coverage. I have never bad mouthed Apple and really hate doing it, but I am not happy. I have been discouraging people who admire my iPhone form buying one and warning of my experience.

    As a result, I have decided to discontinue my service with AT&T and move to a different cell phone plan, as much as I love Apple and what Steve Jobs has done for Mac users everywhere. I felt let down by Jobs' decision about which cell phone carrier to use to begin with because of the reputation AT&T has with their coverage. I say this because where I spend most of my time, I don't get coverage! Yet AT&T swears that there is coverage, I'm just not in the right "spot." Where that **** "spot" is, I have yet to locate it on my quest to enjoy the iPhone.

    I feel even more let down by Apple at this point because even if I were to unlock my phone to get T-Mobile service, their service isn't that great either. Since this phone is on a SIM card and there are only two U.S. carriers that allow SIM cards, I feel rather limited in my choices of carriers. I do not want to sign up for an international phone with a SIM card if my primary base is in California and the rest of the U.S. for now. For now, its a waste of money--an international phone AND the iPhone!!!!

    2007-09-26 09:19 AM
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of cell phones... In this area, T-mobile actually provides most of the towers that I use, at least around my house. My old phone would identify which tower I was on, I could always see which network was providing my coverage.
    2007-09-26 03:55 PM
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    Sounds like most of your problem with with ATT not APPLE!
    I travel all over the country and have had no, zip, zero problems with my iPhone or ATT. HOWEVER I have a friend who can not get ATT in his house! so there are dead spots. this is not the fault of APPLE or the iPhone, but with ATT.
    ATT may not be the BEST service but for me and my work related travels I have never had a problem with them. I guess I have just been lucky. I have been places where Verizon, and Tmobile have not worked. but I still had my phone. Things with this phone will improve over time it is ashame that you have some bad luck with it.
    2007-09-26 04:04 PM
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    why is the fact you get bad ATT coverage Apples fault? ATT has been great for me for the last 6 years - Jobs had two choices for cell carriers - T-Mobile and ATT - ATT is the obvious choice (and don't bring up Sprint, Verizon, etc - GSM is the only way to go)

    and even if you have NO cell phone coverage - the phone is still great as a mini mac puter' -
    2007-09-26 07:52 PM
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    I too bought the iPhone for AT&T internet coverage at my house at the Lake of the Ozarks. Because of our location, I could not get any Broad Band ISP - only slow @ss dialup! After getting the iPhone, what I discovered was that my edge access was not good enough inside my house to effectively use the internet or phone service for that matter. I corrected this by purchasing a YX510-PCS-CEL extender and placing the external cell ant. on the outside of my lake house. Now I get 5 bars within all rooms, no dropped calls, and excellant edge coverage - where I used to get betweeen 1 to 3 (mostly depending how I held the iPhone and what location)! You might try the YX-510 out before giving up on iPhone......
    2007-09-26 08:11 PM
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    My wife and I moved to AT&Tingular prior to my getting an iPhone. The service was so terrible, we dropped AT&Tingular prior to our 30 day mark. It really was crap services/quality.

    We went back to T-mobile, where I've always had good service. Thanks to the Dev team for their unlock efforts, I was able to buy an iPhone and bring it over to the T-mob.

    As to Apple's culpability in this; my feeling is that they made a poor choice in going with AT&T with their exclusivity deal. It can do nothing but harm them in the long run. This whole iPhone thing may burn up their goodwill in the market place and hamper their ability to really be seen as a major player in the mobile phone arena.
    2007-09-26 08:38 PM
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    Well i agree with you timbo with all the apple At&t issue but it was a matter of time that apple have the same realiable qualitty and the wrong actitud that open the gates to BILL.to get ahead.. same stuff with another icon AT&T i dont have words to descrive how sectarian are both APPLE AND AT&T sorry guys but i was real close to jump to a G5 ... but a seccond thout i willl stay with my OPT AMD cheaper and works smoth on cad, maya. photoshop, and Adobe macromedia appz, and games...well perfect... looks like Steve make a wrong move with at&t, i specially dont care about AT&T cause mine works OK with movistar, good reception and cheap service and if Steve mess all the mod with the new firmware... ppls with jump to nokia or other brand...that has a strong name and good service on mobil tech... and is open to other carriees indeed...hope Steve thinks better in Apple not At&t maybe he has some mysterius association with At&t... who knows..?

    i like the iphone but ... time will tell if stay ... by the way what is all that about the 3-G...another brick?
    2007-09-26 10:04 PM
  8. timbo's Avatar
    I sill LOVE Apple. I do not place all the blame on them for my ATT troubles. I am more disappointed with how Apple is handling the situation. There stance on the unlock issue is shocking. I guess I thought they would listen to there customers and make more of an attempt to make carrier options available.

    I don't know. I guess I just needed to vent.
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    2007-09-27 02:40 AM